Quik-Latch on Motorhead Garage Fall 2016

In this video, you will see an overview of the QL-25-SB black anodized mini Quik-Latches getting installed on the set of Motorhead Garage TV for the removable fiberglass front end of a McCarty Performance NMCA Street Outlaw Mustang.

Two cars were on set for this episode. The Mustang to the right has been utilizing Quik-Latch for a complete racing season, running an impressive 1/8 mile at 4.42 @ 167 mph in NMCA Street Outlaw class. The Mustang which is front and center is just getting started with John and Brian detailing the Quik-Latch installation process.

As the hosts John and Brian detailed in the video, Quik-Latch mini latch fasteners are adaptable across a wide range of automotive performance applications: front bumper quick release, custom glove boxes and center console access panels, decklids, battery relocation box access lids, electrical access panel enclosures, quick release ECU mounts, carbureted air cleaner lid latches, custom rear seat fold down release latches, custom dash mounts, lower valence and splash shield latches to name a few.
And the applications don't stop there. The Quik-Latch mini latches are also adaptable across a wide range of industries including cabinetry, marine, RC cars, IT, furniture design, trailers, and more. For applications where a panel, door or enclosure needs to open and close repeatedly, the Quik-Latch mini latch may be the solution to your latching needs with its simple push button release design.




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