Sport Front Wheel Drive Cars With Quik-Latch Installed on Front Bumpers

The SFWD racers were among the first of the Quik-Latch mini early adopters for front bumper applications : Easy push button release for removal of the bumper enabling quick access to the intercooler, turbo plumbing and various other items inaccessible with the bumper on. Car too low to load onto a trailer because of bumper to trailer ramp clearance? Quik-Latch minis make bumper removal a snap and saves time while getting your car loaded up. No more fighting to line up DZUS fasteners, no zip ties, no rubber bands. Just push the button and release.

Our best selling item, and for good reason, is the QL-25-SB black anodized mini Quik-Latch, which is pictured on every car posted here.  


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