QL-25 Series Mini Quik-Latches With With Cerakote Ceramic Finish

QL-25 Series Mini Quik-Latches With With Cerakote Ceramic Finish

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The QL-25-CW series Quik-Latches are very versatile multi purpose push button release latches which are adaptable across a wide range of industries including: automotive, cabinetry & custom furniture, industrial, marine, recreational vehicles and more!  These latches are coated with a durable ceramic finish called Cerakote.

The latch housing and button is constructed from aluminum and made while the latch internals and pin are made from stainless steel.  Available in four different upper diameter size options, these latches have a rich blue color for a which can make your project stand out (or blend in with other machined surfaces if that is your objective).

This video details just some of many potential automotive applications that the Quik-Latch mini latch can be adapted for!

Here is a brief list of others:

- Quick release dash mount
- Quick release ECU Mount
- Body Panel fasteners
- Front bumper quick release
- Hood and decklid fasteners (Bonnet & boot fasteners for those of you in UK and Australia)
- Under body aero trays
- Quick release engine bay covers
- Fuel filler access panel quick release
- battery box access panels
- Fuse box access panels
- Center console and glove box latches
- Rear seat fold down latches

This doesn't even begin to cover other applications outside of the automotive realm!

Essentially, Quik-Latch can provide a simple push button solution for most applications that require immediate and constant access for maintenance and adjustment purposes.